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Hi, I'm Simran 

Creative Technologist who bridges the gap between design and development to craft aesthetically pleasing and technically robust experiences :)

My 3 years of experience working with startups and enterprise products makes my design inclusive and user-friendly advocating for functional solutions.

Exhibiting Prototype at Games for Change Conference 

VR Exhibition during NYCxDesign at a Soho Gallery

Meditative VR experience exhibited during NYCxDesign, at Soho, NYC, and Miami Art Basel.

VR | Unity | Cinema 4D

VR sandbox game tackling future literacy, shaping one's future, showcased at Games for Change.

XR Brain Jam'23

XR | Multiplayer game

An immersive hologram installation inviting viewers to explore the art of laziness showcased at Parsons, NY.

Inertia At Work

Unreal | Metahuman | Arduino | XR

A team collaboration to propose new park design of Thomas Greene Park in Brooklyn, using XR technology.

XR for Real World

VR | Unity | Sketchup | Blender

An immersive bird-watching game exhibited in WanderVille, Brooklyn featuring a camera controller.. 

Bird Watchers 

Unity | Arduino

A gaming experience to create awareness about accessible technology focused on color blindness.

Wander Around

Unity | Blender

Quantum Poetics is an artwork that uses the Quantum superposition as a metaphor.

Quantum Jam

IBM Quantum Qiskit | Javascript

An immersive performance designed through various interpretations of UNBROKEN AVATAR GLITCH IN THE SEAM.

Performance &Tech

XR | Unity 

FrameSpace is an interactive AR experience that lets you create portals to alternate realities of the space you are present in. 

MIT Reality Hack'23

AR | Unity | MRTK 

AR museum tour prototype testing waypoints in ARDK at Zerospace, Brooklyn.

Niantic VPS'22

AR | Unity | ARDK
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