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Quantum Poetics

An innovative art installation blending quantum superposition with poetic expression, creating a dynamic and engaging experience. Developed in collaboration with IBM, the project explores the integration of quantum computing and artistic expression.


Oct 22 - Nov 22

The Team:

Simran(Content Designer, Quantum Developer), Sahiti(UX Designer), Yixuan(UI Designer), Hong(Industrial Designer), Yuyuan(p5.js prototyper)


Develop quantum concepts and engineered circuits on Qiskit(Quantum computing software by IBM)

Tools used:




Physical installation that leverages the principles of quantum superposition to create a dynamic and poetic experience. Utilizing quantum superposition as a metaphor, the installation becomes entangled and ambiguous when unobserved, revealing its true essence only when a spectator engages with it.

The centerpiece, Quantum Haiku Mirror, intertwines words and quantum states, inviting viewers to observe their interconnectedness. The project received accolades for its innovative application of quantum technology and was showcased as a Quantum Art Exhibitor at the Microscopic Gallery, Chelsea, NY.

Video Walkthrough


Concept Ideation

Collaboratively brainstormed ideas for our Design Sprint.

Articulated the concept and intent behind the installation, aligning it with the gallery's theme.

We tried to understand the requirements gallery had for the installations. Describe how it aligns with the theme or focus of the gallery.

Quantum Qiskit

Analysis and Translation: Delved into the syllable structure of Haiku and translated it into qubit logic.

Circuit Development: Engineered a circuit to translate quantum data into a generator of poetic compositions.

Visual Design: Crafted entangled visual effects to enrich the mirror display experience.


Developed JavaScript code for execution on a p5.js canvas.

Transform quantum data into poem generator, Design an experience to visualize entanglement and superposition. 

Build mirror display

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