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Quantum Poets

The Poetic Quantum is an artwork featured at Microscope Gallery in Chelsea for IBM Quantum Jam.

Using IBM quantum computers to make art of any medium.
The project is an artwork that uses the Quantum superposition as a metaphor and becomes entangled and ambiguous when no one is looking at or observing it. When a spectator looks at it for the first time, the words fall into a meaningful verse.



October 22 (one week)


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The Design Jam focused on two main themes: Art & Design, and Music and explore the intersection between the creative arts and quantum physics.


Simran(UX Engineer), Sahiti(UX Engineer), Yixuan(UI Designer), Hong(Product Designer), Yuyuan(p5.js coder)



We created an artwork that exhibits quantum superposition and entanglement using different states where the convergence state becomes a poem generated using words put in by quantum circuit.


Figma, javascaript, arduino



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