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Prototype the Future

VR sandbox game tackling future literacy, the creative shaping of one's own future.

The game provides a space to imagine and negotiate possible futures, supporting creativity and other essential elements of futures literacy.

The game provides not only an immersive, virtual experience but also a social and embodied experience, supporting relationship-building and learning. It is designed for use in secondary school classrooms and community contexts as part of a facilitated experience featuring rich conversation.
The game uses abstract forms in order to encourage unexpected solutions and out-of-the-box thinking.



July 23(weekend)


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We’re tackling futures literacy as an essential aspect of Next-Gen Education. To create a sustainable future where people and nature can survive and thrive, we need to develop a set of skills, knowledge, and mindsets to collectively shape the future.


Simran (Unity developer), Janina (Pedagogy lead),
Maggie (Design technologist), Rae (Research Expert),
Nicholas (3D and sound design),
Karen (project manager)



The prototype allows users to interact with objects, it highlights on hover and click. It uses teleportation on different floors. It has a God Mode for allowing an Archive like view and use case.




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