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Inertia at Work

An immersive hologram installation inviting viewers to explore the art of laziness.

This installation is an experimentation to gauge what American culture finds acceptable and the reasons behind it. Laziness can be a helpful virtue when assessed and used as a tool to understand yourself better.

The point of ‘doing nothing’ is to clean up our inner lives. There is so much that happens to us every day, that we should – if we are living consciously – spend at least an hour a day processing events. Most of us manage – at best – a few minutes – and thereby let the marrow of life escape us. We are granted every excuse not to undertake the truly difficult labor of leading more conscious, more searching and more intensely felt lives.

Laze Lab is an attempt to counter logic productivity culture enforced using success ideologies as a means
of control. Inertia At Work is an immersive hologram installation inviting viewers to explore the art of laziness. Laze Lab conceptualizes a methodology of using various approaches to cultivate a gentle flow of life with Guru Roshni as its guide. It counters the logic of productivity culture by embodying laziness in a speculative design setting.



Jan 23 - May 23


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My thesis is focused on understanding Cult system-ology. I analyzed how some


Design Technologist



Hologram Display, Character Creation,


Unity, Cinema4D, iClone, Metahuman, Unreal



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