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Wander Around

A 3D gaming experience designed to raise awareness about accessible technology, with a specific focus on color blindness. Through gameplay, players gain insights into the challenges faced by individuals with color vision deficiencies.


Aug 21 - Dec 21

The Team:

Simran Jagnik


Environment design and gameplay including navigation, trigger interactions, physics simulations, terrain sculpting, textures, skybox, and cinemachine cameras.

Tools used:




Imagine approaching a restaurant only to find it has no door. You know people are inside but you can’t join them. For individuals with disabilities, this is how interacting with websites and mobile apps can feel when companies don’t prioritize accessibility. 

Every time you switch your iPhone to night mode, dictate an email while you’re driving a car, or ride a hoverboard, you’re also taking advantage of a technology that was first designed to help people with disabilities.

Video Walkthrough

Understanding Accessibility in Games

In my research, I delve into how technology handles accessibility challenges, especially related to vision impairments. I explore glitch effects and color-blind modes, aiming to grasp their impact.

Additionally, I investigate how a character’s identity—whether human or non-binary—shapes the game’s story. By creating an immersive space, I hope to prompt players to see life from diverse perspectives.


Initial Guiding questions:

Do people know Accessible Technology and Assistive Technology?
Who does it affect? How is it important to everyone?
Can we make everything universal?
How will you use Technology if one of your senses was taken away?
Will there be Tech without Accessible Technology?
Can we add more senses to Technology? Would it improve AT?
Are we preparing Ethics-Minded IT Leaders?

Gameplay Experience 

The ambient environment prompts exploration where players stumble upon minigames like:

Ball Collector: Gather your wits and agility as you retrieve elusive orbs scattered across landscapes. Each ball represents a choice, the clock ticks, and missteps lead to consequences.
Bridge Challenge: Inspired by the intense glass bridge game from the hit series Squid Game. Step onto fragile stones suspended over water where survival hinges on strategy and nerve.
As you play, you remember that every decision echoes beyond the game. 

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