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Prototype the Future is a VR multiplayer sandbox game about envisioning and building the future we want to live in.
To create a sustainable future where people and nature can survive and thrive, we need to develop a set of skills, knowledge, and mindsets to collectively shape the future.


July 2023 (3 days)

The Team:

Simran(Unity developer, 3D Modeler)

Sam(Unity developer)

Whitman(Unity developer)


3D models and worldbuilding, animations, triggers and interactions.

Tools used:




Niantic SDK


Niantic Lightship VPS Tour 2022 brought together XR developers and digital creatives for a 3-day hackathon. With hands-on support from the Niantic Lightship team, we explored the ARDK (Augmented Reality Development Kit) and constructed the real-world metaverse at Zerospace, Brooklyn.

Welcome to the intersection of art, innovation, and exploration with our prototype. We showcased "ARt: Reimagining Bots of the Future"- a glimpse into the future of museum experiences. Our goal was to rigorously test the capabilities of the VPS (Virtual Positioning System).

Video Walkthrough


We wanted to push the boundaries of wayspot mesh—how far can we stretch the mesh while maintaining precision?

We also tested the accuracy of remote authoring at points far away from wayspot mesh.

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