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This is a 3D game invites players on a self-discovery journey within an equine-themed world. Players embark on a journey to self-awareness and retrospection by working with a horse. 
Equine Research
Working with horses teaches valuable life skills. Humans and horses communicate through different languages and senses—body cues, odors, and expressions. Coercion, akin to human interaction, breeds fear and damages relationships that harm the potential for success. Its long-term effects include resistance to teaming, disengagement, and rebellion. Understanding empathy, communicating bilaterally, creating safe environments, establishing mutual goals and forming trust are foundational to inclusive environments. The game prompts players to overcome challenges by learning about horses’ needs, preferences, and fears, unlocking inclusive behaviors for effective leadership.

Harmony Trails

Harmony Trails is a 3D game translating neuroscience research insights into captivating gameplay concepts and narratives.


Jul 23 to May 24

Team Member:

Simran(Product Designer), Dennis(Project Manager)


Ideation, UI Design, Prototyping, 3D Design, Game Design

How Might We questions
How might we develop a new kind of training game?
How might we use equine research for developing this game?
How might we develop challenges in the game?
How might we use non-verbal clues in the game?
How might we design pieces of the game?
How might we use rewards to motivate the player?
I worked in various sprints to start with a working hypothesis and evolve the concept by leveraging gameplay engagement research. 
This game started as a 2D game but eventually developed into a 3D game with various environments and scenes. it has 3D animated characters such as horses and humans working together.


This game has not launched yet. Sensitive information has been omitted from the case study. 

2D game version
The concept initially was simple and relied on player answers to various questions. This is the initial UI design within the 2D scene.
Evolved 3D game
With the need for better player engagement and clearer goals for completing the game level, the game evolved into a 3D version with new UI interactions like additional buttons and a dropdown style Multiple choice questions. There were states created to indicate horse emotional state.
UI redesign
The game UI was redesigned to align the design style and colors with the 3D environment that was chosen as a barn. With new gameplay concepts being added, UI items like narrator image and conversation were incorporated into the design. Two different prototypes were created for the Multiple-choice questions.
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