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The Wrapper project

Typographic Voice and Visual narrative exploration 

This project is about the synthesis of typographic explorations in the design by balancing its hierarchy. 

Tools used:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Motion Piece

Study of Typography Heirarchy

Our task was to select a food canned wrapper, extract the information from the wrapper and then divide it into 3 sections i.e. L1, L2, L3. This information was later divided on the quadrant grid in different ways to create and understand what makes a dynamic layout and type hierarchy.     

The canned food chosen was Red Beans and Rice by Margeret Holmes, Homemade easy. 

Type Specimen Book

Step 1 - One typeface, one size, one weight

L2 which is the major part of the text is divided into either 3 columns, 2 columns, and in some cases even 4 columns. This exercise was mainly done to balance the layout just by using text but my big task was to create the hierarchy for the headline L1.

The whole interesting study about Step 1 in all 6 quadrants with different layouts to bring and balance the typographic hierarchy by using the same typeface with the same type size but still to make the L1 stand out.

Step 2 -  Two typefaces, two sizes, two weights

Later in step 2, the constraints change, you explore with two typefaces, two sizes and two weights. I started playing with L1 i.e the headline by increasing its weight and size. And here is another example of step 2 where I played with L1. By increasing the size and font size the balance in the layout was the challenging part.