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Bird Watchers

A first-person photography and exploration game where you can discover and photograph birds in a virtual world. The game is developed in Unity and works with a Camera controller connected via Arduino. The immersive bird watching game was exhibited in WanderVille, Brooklyn. 


March 23 - June 23

Tools used:




The Team:

Simran (Game Developer)

Roy (Game Developer)

Dean (Game Developer)


Camera Controller - 3D modeling, printing, Arduino setup 


With intuitive controls, you can smoothly pan, tilt, and zoom to capture the perfect shot. Immerse yourself in the action, exploring different angles and vantage points to capture the birds in their most captivating moments. With an actual photo gallery saved for each click.


I was modeling the camera and connected the Physical computing components like buttons, potentiometers, and slider pots to the Arduino. The controls were programmed in C++ and attached to the Unity game via serial ports. 

Showcase at Wanderville, Brooklyn

WanderVille is an Arcade Bar in Brooklyn, where we got to test our game with the public. 

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